our strengths


Availability and Flexibility

We are custom-build to client specific requirements. We have proven to be able to react quickly and to adjust to any changes or additions thrown at us during the course of a project.



Because of our experience, the tools we have evolved, and our talented programmers, we can develop quality, customized systems very quickly.



Our programmers are professionals in the truest sense of the word. When we have your deadlines to meet we ensure the deadline is met. When you have a last minute change in specifications, we don't turn the lights off at five and go home.

Expandability and Security

You have the convenience and security of dealing with an Indian business with the added benefit of a much lower development cost.

Quality initiatives

Quality is an ever-extending goal - the better you are, the better you need to be.
The management of the quality process is infinite, and marked only by milestones, never by completion! Ekant solutions recognises that, to fulfil our goal of self-evident quality,
we need to constantly improve our deliverables to match the increasing expectations of our customers.
With standardization being the key to all growth - professional, personal and financial, ekant solutions reviews all its processes periodically and enhances them regularly.